Posted by: Dr. Jamey Dyson | June 16, 2010

First-Hand Experience

Crystel & I celebrating her birthday last Friday night.

Life brought me a first-hand experience on how our Health is our most important asset.

My wife began having pain in her right lower abdomen on Saturday morning.  It was a dull ache that was radiating to her lower back.  She described is as feeling like she was in labor.  It continued all day Saturday and Sunday, then got very, very bad on Monday morning.  The pain brought her to tears… and this is a woman who delivered both our kids drug-free and does Group Power at the Courthouse Athletic Club 3 days a week!  Digestive issue?  Appendix?  IUD problem?  Ovarian Cyst?  Infection?  Cancer?  All the possibilities were running through my head.  I canceled all appointments at my clinic and rushed home to take her to the E.R.  Everything falls to the wayside, when we, or someone we love, suddenly begins to lose their health.

Example of ovarian cyst.

We spent 6 hours at the E.R. that day. We found out via ultrasound that Crystel had a softball-sized cyst on her right ovary.  That monstrous cyst was pushing into all kinds of tissues causing the pressure and pain.  Also, we were able to get her pain under control with meds… thank goodness!  So, we had a diagnosis and we had control of her pain.  She is now scheduled for laparoscopic surgery on Thursday (tomorrow) morning to remove the cyst.  Our medical system is amazing at dealing with emergencies such as this… they can find the “fire” and “put it out”.

From a wellness perspective, the ultimate question is “What led to the fire in the first place?”  Why did the cells in her right ovary function in an abnormal way and allow this cyst to grow to such size?  How can this be prevented from happening in the future?  The answer is almost always STRESS from toxicity and deficiency – physical, chemical, and emotional toxicity & deficiency.

The lifestyle choices we make each day have the greatest impact on the level of toxicity and deficiency to our cells.  Learning how to create physical, chemical, and emotional purity & sufficiency with our lifestyle choices gives us the best chance at preventing  “health fires” in the first place.

P.S.  Thanks for all the prayers as Crystel goes through this!


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