Posted by: Dr. Jamey Dyson | July 2, 2010

New Life

My wife, Crystel, is doing well after laparoscopic surgery on June 17th.    It turned out to be a large, fluid-filled cyst that had developed on her right fallopian tube.  Dr. Harmon said the cyst had become twisted around the tube, thus the extreme pain.  She ended up removing the right fallopian tube along with the cyst.  Everything went very smooth and she is now fully recovered!  Crystel told me that the whole experience has given her a new appreciation for her life and her health… New Life.

I recently had the honor of working on a 3-week-old baby girl.  Her parents brought her in because she was not gaining weight like she should have been.  They heard from a friend that chiropractic could help.  She just wasn’t very interested in eating much and was looking pretty skinny.  Technically, she was suffering from “Failure to Thrive Syndrome”, where a baby does not gain sufficient weight after birth.

Side Note: Chiropractic care can be a fantastic wellness intervention for babies and kids.  It is not about back pain here.  It is about a properly functioning nervous system and body.  Stress from the birth process can cause joints and muscles to malfunction which interferes with the way the nerves are firing.  Adjustments on babies are usually done with gentle stretching and light pressure or tapping at specific spinal levels – it’s not like an adult adjustment!!

Anyways, I checked this baby girl and found that her spine was not bending the way it normally should to the right.  I found some core tension in her spine which required a gentle stretch to release.  Then I found 2 vertebral levels of dysfunction – one in her mid back and one in her low back.  These were adjusted with light pressure and some light tapping.  I re-checked her spine at the end of the adjustment and found that it was now bending to the right exactly the way it should.  Great!  Now, the nerves in those areas that control digestion should start working better.

Last week, the mother brought her in for a follow-up and was so excited to say that her baby had begun eating better and had “caught-up” to a healthy weight range!  I did a quick check on baby and everything looked great- I did not find anything that needed to be adjusted.  AWESOME!!  This baby girl is now able to better express her God-given potential for health… New Life.

We are all vulnerable to the stresses of the modern world and sometimes we need a little help dealing with it.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help!  Sometimes we need a health professional to remove or add something to our lives that gives us… New Life.


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