Posted by: Dr. Jamey Dyson | September 3, 2010

Ancient ‘Paleo’ diet key to healthy living and weight loss, some say

Here’s an article espousing the benefits of the ‘Paleo Diet’. This is simply the healthy diet of our ancestors and existing hunter-gatherer people today. In our clinic, we call it the Innate Diet. ‘Innate’ means ‘inborn’ or ‘genetically congruent’. In other words, it is the diet that matches what our genes need to express health, happiness and vitality! Very cool stuff, since we are all looking for a little more of that in life, right?

Also, I believe it is the diet God intended for us to eat, despite what the bible says. To me, the bible is a spiritual guide, not necessarily a nutrition guide. By the way, the bible was written after the agricultural revolution was in full swing, so you will find grains being a staple of the biblical diet.

Over the past 10,000 years, humans have dramatically changed their diet away from what is genetically congruent.

We now know that grains are NOT the best food for a human to be eating.  They are low in nutrient value but high in caloric value.  Also, they come with more toxins and acidity.  Yes, you can survive with grains, but you will suffer from deficiency and toxicity issues without a doubt.

There are some existing hunter-gatherer populations today that eat a lot of grains and scientists have found that their bodies are riddled with much more osteoporosis and osteoarthritis!  Luckily, they get plenty of exercise, so their muscle strength keeps them functioning quite well, despite their bones degenerating.

Here’s the article!

(NaturalNews) Eat like a cave man to lose weight, build muscle and feel great. This is what advocates of the “Paleo” diet say is the key to healthy living, a diet that consists only of…continue


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