Posted by: Dr. Jamey Dyson | October 27, 2010

Number of diabetic Americans could triple by 2050!

Yes, we have become a nation of over-eating, under-exercising, stressed-out folks.  Once strong, responsible, and independent, Americans now are quickly becoming weak, irresponsible, and dependent on someone or something other than themselves for their health and livelihood.  Sad and embarrassing!  Where is our pride?

8 out of 10 Americans are suffering and dying from diseases that are caused by poor lifestyle… the way they eat, move, and think.  Those same 8 out of 10 Americans are spending a FORTUNE on their health care by treating their “diseases” with special diagnostic tests, drugs, and surgeries.  These treatments will NEVER solve the health problems created by poor lifestyle.  They only dis-empower people to think they have no control over their health.  The spending is bankrupting our country. Sad and embarrassing!  Where is our pride?

Now we see that the number of diabetics in America could triple by 2050!  Here’s the news article. Do people not know that 95% of diabetes is 100% PREVENTABLE and REVERSIBLE?  I guess not… most doctors don’t even know that.  Well, that’s the truth.  Just watch The Biggest Loser on NBC and you will see people reversing and preventing diabetes each and every season.  You don’t catch diabetes, you develop it from poor lifestyle.  Sad and embarrassing!  Where is our pride?The solution is LIFESTYLE!  Our Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method and Innate Lifestyle Program are a couple of the greatest solutions I’ve seen to reversing and preventing diabetes.

It’s time for Americans to wake up and re-gain their strength, responsibility, independence, and pride!


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