Posted by: Dr. Jamey Dyson | March 21, 2012

Do Germs Make You Sick?

The boys at a Blazer game.

Recently, our 8 year-old son, Alec, came down with symptoms of fever, lethargy, loss of appetite, diarrhea, and chills.

His fever was 101-102 degrees.  It lasted about 5 1/2 days.  He slept a lot and we kept him well-hydrated.  Although it was generally a very yucky experience for him, his body eventually defeated the evil germs that had apparently “invaded” his helpless body.

A funny thing happened… none of the rest of our family-of-four got sick.  How could this be?

We sat in the same room with him.  He slept in our bed a few nights.  We even kissed him and hugged him a little more than usual during his ailing days.  In fact, I am certain we were exposed to his scary germs!  So why didn’t the rest of us get sick?

Makes you think, huh?  It begs the question… “Do germs really make you sick?”

Author's unscientific rendition of a Scary Germ magnified 100,000 X.

Maybe there is something deeper and more profound at work here.  Maybe, just maybe, germs don’t make you sick, but instead, a stressed body allows germs to grow.

I know, it’s a profound concept.  However, it’s very close to the truth when you understand how living things work.  You see, our bodies are an ecosystem.  Ecosystems will always strive for balance.  When we make choices that throw our ecosystem out of balance, our bodies become more prone to germs going crazy.  This is how we get sick.

Looking back, we asked the question with Alec, “What stressed his body recently?”  Bingo!  We remembered what it was!  The day before his symptoms kicked in, he neglected to wear appropriate warm clothing to his sister’s outdoor soccer game.  The temperature was about 40 degrees, the wind was whipping and all I remember is him huddled up under a blanket complaining about how cold he was.

Side note:  I know some of you may be thinking we are terrible parents for letting our kid go out in the cold without proper clothing.  We try to follow the Love & Logic philosophy with our kids, which allows them to learn from their mistakes within a loving environment.   I suggest reading up on this method of child rearing because it is probably the best way to raise kids that I know of.

So, putting it all together, the yucky symptoms our son suffered from for 5 1/2 days were merely his body doing what needed to be done to correct the imbalance.  He stressed his ecosystem, the germs had a little party, and his body rebalanced everything with fever, sleep, and diarrhea.

My hope is that you consider looking at colds and flus the same way I do.  Understand, it is not the germs that are causing the problem.  The problem starts with your ecosystem getting stressed in some way.  Handle the stress and allow your body to re-balance your ecosystem without using medications if at all possible.  The use of meds for colds and flus is a whole other issue I’ll write about another time.

Be Well,

Dr. D.

Dr. Jamey Dyson is a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) and Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner (CCWP) who has been in private practice at Advanced Chiropractic in Salem, Oregon since 2000. 


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