Posted by: Dr. Jamey Dyson | August 7, 2012

One Treatment Can Change Your Life.

Recently, I had 2 separate new patients come in looking for help with low back pain.  They were both females who had been hurting for quite a few months.

The first was a 16-year-old volleyball player.  She had been suffering with low back pain for about 6 months.  Her pain would show up during and after volleyball matches.  The pain wasn’t debilitating, but definitely bothersome.  A personal trainer at her gym recommended that she get check-out by a chiropractor to see if there was anything out of alignment in her low back.

Her dad had heard some good things about the treatment I provide and so she came in for an evaluation and treatment.  After checking her spine, I found underlying joint misalignment and restriction at multiple levels in her spine, especially in her low back.  I went ahead and adjusted and treated her with my unique combination of hands-on and instrument work.  She felt great after the treatment without any increased soreness.

I followed up with her 5 days later for another treatment.  Lo and behold, she greets me with a big smile and says “the evening after you worked on me, I went and played volleyball and had NO pain during or after!”  She was thrilled, I was thrilled.  One treatment has changed her life.   

The second patient was a 31-year-old mother of 3 who works as a nursing assistant.  She had been suffering with low back pain since November 2010… that’s 20 months!  It all started with a lifting injury at work.  Her work sent her to a medical doctor who sent her to physical therapy.  After weeks of therapy she was still in pain.  She went back to the medical doctor who told her that these things just take time and he sent her on her way with a prescription.

She followed his advice and waited-it-out.  The pain persisted.  She works 12 hour shifts and is in extreme pain by the end of a long day.  Sometimes the pain would bring her to tears.  She finally realized that it was NOT getting better with time and actually seemed to be getting worse.

After suffering for 20 months, she was ready to seek out help.  She called our clinic and came in.  After evaluating her spine, I found underlying misalignment and restriction throughout her spine, but especially in her lower back.  She was adjusted and treated with my hands-on and instrument work.  No increased soreness was experienced immediately following the treatment.

She returned 3 days later for a follow-up and was so excited to share the news!  She had worked for the last 3 days virtually pain free!  This was the first time in 20 months she did not feel pain in her low back.  Needless to say, she was thrilled beyond belief and kept saying how “AMAZING” our treatment was for her.  She grabbed a bunch of our business cards to give out to her co-workers, many of whom suffer with similar aches and pains.  One treatment has changed her life.

Now, I hope you understand that pain does not always get resolved this quickly.  But I think of all the people out there suffering with pain every day, who have never given chiropractic care (especially our style) a try.  It saddens me because they don’t even realize that their life could be changed dramatically with just one treatment.

Jamey Dyson, DC


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